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700 new jobs for Ipswich as call centre opens

A new call centre at Springfield Central will provide up to 700 jobs in Ipswich.

The call centre is being set up by Stella Asia Pacific, which provides call centre services for the Australian Tax Office.

They have taken up offices at the GE Building at Springfield Central and have started the search for call centre operators.

Ipswich Mayor Teresa Harding said these jobs provide new opportunities for job seekers and will help Ipswich bounce back from COVID-19.

“While our community has been challenged by this pandemic, a boost of 700 local jobs will provide a significant benefit to our economy with great on-flow affects.

“Ipswich is a highly desirable place to live and by attracting new businesses we attract new jobs.

“We want our dynamic ‘city of opportunities’ to provide our residents a variety of occupations and career progression options.

Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce president Neil Coupland said 700 local jobs is great for the community.

“Anything where you can create jobs is a good thing,” Mr Coupland said.

“Having these jobs come in now has helped fill a void caused by COVID-19.

“By working locally it takes the pressure off transport and workers travelling out of the area for work.”

The short term contract roles of 20 to 36 hours per week will start mid-July until the end of October with the possibility of an extension.

Applications close on 31 July.

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