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How much will you really need to live in retirement?

Will your superannuation be enough? Many Australians are too busy with work and family commitments to take the time to seriously consider their future.

To achieve your goals, it is vital that you have a plan in place. Without this you are likely to join the majority of Australians who will be living off inadequate superannuation and pensions in retirement.

At Your Property Empire we focus on property strategies for retirement and you don’t necessarily have to change anything about your current lifestyle. You could have more options than you realise. Take the time to sit down with one of our specialist property team and plan your future today.

Contact our team and we will work with you to create your own personalised  strategy.

Image by Marc Najera

Facts about Retirement

According to the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia’s Retirement Standard, to have a ‘comfortable’ retirement, single people will need $430,000 in retirement savings, and couples will need $500,000.

Most of us will spend more around 25 years in retirement so you may need a lot more money than you think.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics:

  • around 1.8 million people rely mainly on the Age Pension for their income in retirement

  • around 575,000 people rely mainly on superannuation income

  • in 2011-12, 50% of retiree couples had an annual income of less than $28,260 a year

  • in 2011-12, 50% of single retirees had an annual income of less than $21,700 a year

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